md-docs-logoMDI has designed a web-based on-line HL7 documentation software system of the complete interface environment, aimed at managing the myriad of specifications and details associated with an integration infrastructure.

The Centralized MD Docs System:mddocs_screen_small1

  • facilitates good communication within the on-site IT team
  • enhances timeliness of problem resolution
  • provides an information source for external consultants engaged to complete projects on the interfacing environment
  • manage details of contracts, licenses, maintenance agreements and release upgrades
With the MD Docs system, the overall organization of the integration environment is improved through increased communication and precise documentation. This in turn facilitates the knowledge transfer amongst the many stakeholders involved in managing, supporting and upgrading the interfaces.

The MD Docs system stores the following information:

  • Interface Status: Real-time log checking, issue tracking, up-time status, reports, logs and interface checklists.
  • Tutorials and Manuals: Interface engine network monitoring manual, HL7 specifications, MD Link and MD Eye manuals.
  • Support: Change request and tracking, MDI contact information, on-site staff contact information, paging support.
  • System Overviews: Interface specifications, HL7 routing and translation details, list of interfaces, engine specific scripts, mapping tables, operating system, hardware and network specifications, system diagrams, network topology.
  • Other Documents: Contracts, agreements, other.

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