MDI Solutions has developed a comprehensive monitoring application that is capable of monitoring the runtime status of systems and interfaces within your interfacing environment, keeping watch over critical elements such as disk space usage, processor utilization, network connectivity, queue sizes, and more.

MDEYEVendor-supplied monitoring tools and alert mechanisms are generally specific to that particular vendor’s application or resources. As the name implies, and as shown in the diagram below, MD Eye has been designed to proactively monitor many components of your data integration infrastructure. MD Eye is built on a modular and distributed architecture, allowing for additional servers, applications, or processes within an organization to be monitored through the development of custom extensions.

eGate Monitoring Module

MD Eye has a monitoring Module specifically developed for the SeeBeyond eGate’s engine. The eGate Monitoring Module runs in real-time mode or at predefined intervals. All results from this monitoring process are logged and alert notifications are sent out via e-mail to e-mail enabled devices.

MDI Support Solutions

MDI Solutions offers professional, reliable, and effective support services that can contribute towards the success and reliability of the overall integration environment within your organization. Support packages are designed to complement any organization’s needs and budget and include combinations of 24×7 on-call support, automated monitoring solutions and back-up support.

MDI Solutions’ front-line support has our team handling all issues that may arise in your interfacing environment. Our on-call staff are alerted directly by end-users, technical staff, or from automated monitoring mechanisms. MDI responds to and resolve issues within an agreed-upon time interval. Ongoing maintenance tasks, such as log rotation and deletion, daily system checks, and incident reporting are handled.

Back-up support is designed to complement and augment your organization?s existing support resources. In this capacity, MDI will respond to and assist with highly complex integration issues that have already been identified by hospital staff. MDI acts as a specialized back-up resource to your in-house IT team.

Features and Functions

  • Provides comprehensive and proactive monitoring of the complete interfacing environment.
  • Enhances the monitoring capabilities of interface engine monitoring modules.
  • Documents and executes logic of escalation procedures.
  • Triggers e-mails and pages to wireless devices.
  • Ensures successful receipt of interface messages.
  • Allows users to define parameters and thresholds of queue sizes.
  • Monitors network connectivity for up-time status of all interfaces
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