MDI Vital Signs Monitor

Wearable Vital Signs Monitor from MDI Solutions

The C-Detect is a wearable that continuously monitors vital signs

What is C-Detect?

C-Detect is a low-cost, wearable, re-usable, sensor designed by Waire Health that continuously monitors (24 x 7) key physiological vital signs. All Waire sensors are fully autonomous – they will always work, connected or not, and will not require additional infrastructure such as routers or hubs. All communication hardware is contained within the sensor and data can be transmitted via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Cellular.

Unlike wrist-based devices which suffer from motion artifacts and can be very inaccurate, C-Detect is worn on the upper arm where there is less motion. The on-board 3-axis positioning sensor ensures that measurements are taken “at rest” as the sensor knows the patients motion levels and orientation. This further increases accuracy of vital signs but also fall-detection.
C-Detect is simple to use, especially for the elderly and provides an invaluable tool to manage key health indicators and enable remote patient monitoring.

C-Detect can optionally pair to a mobile phone and provides the following data:

  • Heart Rate
  • Motion
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Fall Detection
  • Respiration Rate
  • Step Count
  • SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation)
  • Kcals Expended

The C-Detect on-board firmware manages the measurement process and delivers a visible and Haptic response if the status of vitals are outside of personalised pre-set ranges. If the multi-colour LED remains blue, then all is well, should the LED change to Orange however, the wearer or their carer should seek advice – If the sensor is connected to a dashboard or platform, alerting can be fully automated.

In addition to the LED, a Haptic (vibration) response, similar to a mobile phone, will alert the wearer of any change of status, even under thick or protective clothing. The alert and alarm protocols are entirely configurable from the available product SDK. All data collected can be securely directed to customer platforms (apps, platforms, dashboards, EHR’s) and does not connect to any other server.

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