Ministry Health Care Implements CattailsMD EHR with Meditech using MD Connect:

clip-image0024Ministry Health Care has chosen to implement the CattailsMD electronic health record. For over 20 years, Marshfield Clinic has developed a comprehensive electronic health record, now available as a CCHIT-certified ambulatory EHR product known as CattailsMD. The EHR is also available with a data warehouse to actively drive decision support and population management.

Marshfield Clinic and MDI Solutions Collaborate to Enable Health Information Exchange with Physicians in the Community. MD Connect has been implemented with Marshfield Clinic’s CattailsMD EHR product integrating with Ministry Health System’s Meditech HCIS software systems. The key driver for Marshfield was to find a vendor with experience integrating Meditech’s software, which the Ministry Health System uses. MDI resources developed bi-directional interfaces for ADT, Scheduling and Common Registration between CattailMD EHR and Ministry Health System’s Meditech HCIS software.

MD Connect has become a key component of the clinical data management at the Marshfield Clinic Health Centers. The MD Connect deployment at Marshfield is unique to Meditech screen level integration as each interface was developed as a program and run as an executable. Once the data is captured by the software it can be transmitted into virtually any format such as HL7, XML, X12 (others) via TCPIP.MD Connect MD Connect is the solution that allows physicians access Meditech to patient data from the CattailsMD EHR Dashboard.

EHRs Are Becoming a Utility Within a few years, EHRs will be more of a utility than a unique product. Increasing CCHIT certification and government incentives are driving standardization of function. Many organizations are turning to SureScripts to satisfy the CMS E-prescribing incentive. SureScripts standards will be just one of many leading to an ever-increasing identical functioning of EHRs. Simply having an EHR will not lead to process improvement nor increase clinical quality.

Ministry launches CattailsMD system – Thursday, November 19, 2009  Officials from Ministry Health Care held a news conference Wednesday morning at Sacred Heart Hospital in Tomahawk to announce the start of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system Ministry plans to implement at its Northern Region facilities. The announcement marked what is known as the CattailsMD system being launched in Tomahawk as a pilot site to allow the Ministry Medical Group, Ministry hospitals and the Marshfield Clinic to be linked with a common electronic record system in the region, replacing Ministry’s paper record system.

Successful implementations of EHR systems In the United States, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has the largest enterprise-wide health information system that includes an electronic medical record, known as the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA). A key component in VistA is their VistA imaging System which provides a comprehensive multimedia data from many specialties, including cardiology, radiology and orthopedics. A graphical user interface known as the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) allows health care providers to review and update a patient’s electronic medical record at any of the VA’s over 1,000 healthcare facilities. CPRS includes the ability to place orders, including medications, special procedures, X-rays, patient care nursing orders, diets, and laboratory tests.

The US Indian Health Service uses an EHR similar to VistA called RPMS. VistA Imaging is also being used to integrate images and co-ordinate PACS into the EHR system.

As of 2005, the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom also began an EHR system. The goal of the NHS is to have 60,000,000 patients with a centralized electronic health record by 2010. The plan involves a gradual roll-out commencing May 2006, providing general practitioners in England access to the National Programme for IT (NPfIT).

Australia is dedicated to the development of a lifetime electronic health record for all its citizens. HealthConnect is the major national EHR initiative in Australia, and is made up of territory, state, and federal governments. MediConnect is a related program that provides an electronic medication record to keep track of patient prescriptions and provide stakeholders with drug alerts to avoid errors in prescribing.

The Canadian province of Alberta started a large-scale operational EHR system project in 2005 called Alberta Netcare, which is expected to encompass all of Alberta by 2008.

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