MDLINKMD Link connects independent data systems within your healthcare organization, enabling connectivity and information sharing with stand-alone or legacy applications through industry protocols such as HL7 and XML. MD Link is an HL7 interface engine toolkit that allows users to integrate their systems to talk to other systems and link as many disparate applications as they need regardless of hardware or software platform.


MDConnectMD Connect provides a screen-level integration solution, that enables data exchange at the screen level with Meditech. MD Connect is unique to Meditech screen level integration as each interface is developed as a program and run as an executable (.exe). Once the data is captured by the software it can be transmitted into virtually any format such as HL7, XML, X12 (others) via TCPIP.


md-docs-logoMDI Solutions has designed a web-based on-line documentation system of the complete interface environment; MD Docs, aimed at managing the myriad of specifications and details associated with an integration infrastructure.