MDI Solutions has partnered with ClearCanvas to offer a truly innovative and low-cost Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).  MDI’s ImageServer™ solution allows users to consolidate, standardize and archive images and data from disparate PACS and physical locations.  The end result is a consolidated patient view that allows physicians to access current and historical images at the point of care.  With this ‘real-time’ access to critical data, treatment time and duplicate testing can be reduced, which can decrease a patient’s exposure to unnecessary radiation.

MDI provides a complete solution to collect, archive, view, share and exchange images and data across your enterprise. Their VNA works with existing applications, using web-based and healthcare standards, to provide a vendor-neutral interoperable environment. The VNA can be used to avoid the need to undergo data migrations resulting from PACS system changes and also as a backup option when local PACS archives are unavailable.

The ImageServer is a scalable, easy-to-use, free and open source PACS server.  It is built on top of an Application Framework, and leverages a powerful plugin architecture.  It is extremely scalable and can meet any need, from a small clinic to a multi-site hospital network with thousands of studies. Its easy-to-use web-based interface makes administration tasks simple, and the powerful rules engine enables any number of auto routing tasks to be configured.



Detailed information can be found at ClearCanvas.
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