30 TB of PACS (DICOM) data from AGFA to Sectra Migration

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30 TB of PACS (DICOM) data from AGFA to Sectra Migration

Sectra Ltd., Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, has contracted with MDI Solutions to provide migration services and software to support the migration of PACS data for their customer, InHealth.

MDI Solutions will be migrating 30 TB of data from AGFA Impax to Sectra at In Health. In Health is a UK based firm that provides Diagnostic Imaging scanning and study reading services to Department of Health. Typically these are mobile PET or Mammography modalities that move about the UK. Often these are deployed to address demand to avoid building wait times and order backlog.

Once the decision to replace the current vendor was set, there was a desire to migrate studies quickly but also to provide quality assurances to the Department of Health. A bulk copy move of studies was considered but this method presented risks as few quality checks would be provided to assure the number of images were retained and associated with patients. Also, there was concern about proprietary compression techniques and distribution of associated studies.

The plan presented by MDI was a full service approach – a DICOM Query/Retrieve migration that includes a migration server and staff with considerable knowledge of AGFA Impax service tools, work flow management tools & data structures. This provided In Health the assurance that Impax can remain in production without disrupting service levels during the migration. It also provides speeds rivaling bulk copy move techniques considering complexities of updating the data with demographic details to each image’s DICOM Header.

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