Vendor Integration

MDI Solutions believes a successful integration strategy requires leading edge tools, expert resources and a commitment to exceed customer expectations.  The following list is a brief outline of projects where MDI has worked with vendor partners to deploy their software and deliver an integrated healthcare solution.

Process / Vendor


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How they did it…

1. Monitor folder for Discharge Sumaries
2. Convert Header info to HL7 / Clinical data to HTML
3. Embed HTML in HL7 segment
4. Send to Sunquest/ICE for distribution to GP’s
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Kroeger Pharmacy implements enterprise system…

1. Goal to integrate patient, prescriber and script data spread across 2000 legacy store databases
2. Initiate Systems provides identy indexing/matching
3. MDI (MD Link) facilitates Query/Retrieve functionality to cosolidate data into a single enterprise system
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InHealth implements new PACS…

1. Radiology Orders → MWS Integration
2. MWS enhanced with modified GUI
3. Modality Worklists updated on-the-fly
4. 250+ modalitites
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1. 1000+ interfaces live on MD Link
2. ADT, Scheduling, Results, Billing…
3. PDF Integration with HL7
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1. 15 site PACS consolidation at NIPACS
2. Migrated Agfa, Siemens, Fuji, Cerner
3. DICOM Header updates to normalize data
4. Mitra Broker Experts
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1. Web-based symantic reporting tool integration
2. ADT and Scheduling interfaces
3. Designed and devloped staging database
4. ‘Mini’ rules engine developed to ensure data integrity
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1. Inbound/Outbound real-time integration
2. Activity Monitor to minimize downtime disruption
3. Supply Point in Action –
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1. 50+ EHR systems integrated wtih Dental software
2. User-driven integration
3. ADT, Results, Billing…
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