Epic Consulting Services

Epic is a Privately Held Healthcare Software Company

Epic’s market focus is large health care organizations and they offer an integrated suite of healthcare software centered on the Cache database.

Their applications support functions related to patient care including registration and scheduling; clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel and other care providers; systems for lab technicians, pharmacists, and radiologists; and billing systems for insurers.

Epic systems

Experienced Epic-Certified Consultants Services

MDI Solutions’ Epic-certified builders understand interfaced 3rd party vendors and have the necessary experience to integrate them successfully into the Epic EMR; as well as identify and improve workflow by building linkages to upstream and downstream systems.

Additionally, our consultants understand the planned application installs through all phases of our customer’s implementation, and can ensure that the various Epic applications will work cohesively as well as interface properly with various disparate clinical and ancillary systems.

MDI understands the importance of Epic’s model system, and have experience with incorporating best practices along with some of the clinical drivers that are important to clinicians and physicians as the future state is being deployed. As your implementation progresses through the program lifecycle, MDI’s resources will be there at each project phase -through validation, testing, go live, and optimization; ensuring that integration, build, and workflow issues are mitigated and addressed in a timely manner. MDI will work with your hospital’s internal team to ensure there is solid knowledge transfer so that the system can be maintained, supported, and optimized by your designated departmental staff. Our resources are experienced in recognizing and resolving common challenges in a timely manner and can work with your team to optimize the system and improve clinician and physician satisfaction, as well as improve the quality of care delivered at your organization.

Our Consultants

No matter what role you need filled; our employees are certified in the application they are supporting. MDI Epic Consultants offers staff augmentation for the following roles:

  • Project Managers/Team Leads
  • Build Analysts
  • Training Leads
  • Go-live Support

Project Managers/Team Leads

Our project managers have years of experience leading Epic implementations and provide organizations with the following:
  • Fully trained and certified experts on the software.
  • Leadership necessary to implement best practices and sound methodologies.
  • Experience creating and maintaining implementation timelines using Microsoft Project.
  • Management required to lead complex software implementations and teams spanning multiple departments while keeping budgets and timelines in check.
  • Organization necessary to keep tabs on the hundreds of tasks to be completed and decisions to be made.

Build Analysts

Our build analysts have in-depth knowledge of Epic software as they were once Epic employees. Hiring one of our employees as a build analyst will provide organizations with the following:
  • Fully trained and certified experts in the software.
  • Knowledge of various best practices for configuring the software to best suit your needs.
  • Microsoft Visio experience.
  • Experience leading DBVs and Reengineering sessions.
  • Technical expertise in build, integrations, testing and training.
  • Practical, hands-on experience in supporting big-bang go-lives and rollouts.

Training Leads

Our training leads are certified Epic professionals, but have just the right amount of patience, experience and technique to train end-users of all skill levels. Our training leads can provide your organization with the following:
  • Fully trained and certified experts in the software.
  • Experts in classroom training and professional development curriculum.
  • Experience working with the analyst teams to develop, build and train end-user workflows.
  • Ability to create and maintain the multiple training/playground environments necessary to train hundreds of clinicians.

Go-live Support

Our go-live support team is experienced, certified and professional. We complement your training team by reinforcing workflows to end-users and capturing their feedback. Our go-live support staff can provide your organization with the following:
  • Fully trained and certified experts in the software.
  • Experience supporting dozens of go-lives.
  • Workflow reinforcement to end-users.
  • Shortcuts and tips & tricks to use Epic software more efficiently.
  • End-user feedback that can provide the training teams with areas to focus on.

Epic Certifications

Our team exhibits expertise in all Epic applications, such as:

Clinical Applications Revenue Access Applications Technical Applications
Anesthesia ADT Bridges
ASAP Cadence Clarity
Beacon Charge Router Chronicles
Beaker HIM Cache
EpicCare Ambulatory Prelude Cache Server
EpicCare Inpatient ClinDoc Real-Time Eligibility Data Courier
EpicCare Inpatient Orders Resolute Claims Reporting Workbench
MyChart/CRM Resolute Hospital Billing Server Tech
Nurse Triage Resolute Professional Billing Visual Basic 6.0
OpTime Welcome

As part of our staff augmentation services, we can work with you to source expert Epic consultants skilled in the following applications & modules:

  • Epic Clinical Modules
  • Epic Revenue & Access Modules
  • Epic Foundation Modules

Our Epic consultants can join your team on a temporary basis to work alongside your internal staff performing the following tasks:

Interim Management Clinical Process Optimization
Project Management Revenue Cycle Enhancement
Change Management Operations Improvement
Process Analysis Process & Workflow Automation
System Build User Training & Mentoring
Production Go-Live Functional Application Support
Post Go-Live Support Systems Administration

The success of your Epic electronic health record (EHR) implementation depends on having the right people on your team. With MDI Solutions, you have in-depth knowledge and extensive Epic consulting experience readily available.

MDI delivers exceptional service through their Epic resource complement in the US and Canada, including multi-site organizations.

The following list outlines MDI’s service delivery approach:

  • Strategic thinking across the entire continuum of project engagement
  • A leadership team that is committed to meeting your clinical and application needs in an efficient and timely manner
  • Knowledge of industry best practices for Epic implementations
  • A track record of delivering quality consulting services for 10+ years.
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