HL7 Integration & Interface Engine

MD Link is an integration engine that connects independent healthcare applications in hospitals and clinics, with interfaces supported by HL7 certified resources.

By displaying data sources and processes as a visual solution, MD Link enables robust information exchange between legacy applications and commercial software.

Built using Java™ technology, MD Link is powerful and portable – your solutions can be created and executed on any computing platform.

MD Link Design

MD Link consists of the Design Studio – a graphical development environment where you can design your integration workflow, configure the interface and set and maintain alerts from a single screen; the Monitor – a global view of interface runtime statues, transaction logs and real-time interface management; and the Runtime Server, which executes your integration solution as a dynamic server process. Deploying your solution is as easy as copying a file from your development workstation to your production server.

MD Link is an Integration Engine with interface development managed from a “single screen” and it utilizes drag-and-drop design to allow for rapid interface deployment. Its primary role is to coordinate and monitor messaging between the various data sources and stores associated with an organization’s healthcare applications.

MD Link does all this and more

Efficiently and cost effectively

  • Monitor Systems: Create event-driven solutions that are triggered by changes to your data
  • Search Data Resources: Read HL7 messages, databases, XML documents, text files, and more
  • Transform Information: Link together and convert between different data sources
  • Update Applications: Interface to software and legacy systems across the network
  • Easy to Design Process Oriented Interfaces: System-to-system interfaces are usually more than simple point-to-point queues of data feeds. MD Link supports complex processes that extend the definition of the term “Interface” to mean “create your own process-oriented interface”.
  • Leverage XML technology – Industry Standard Data Transformation: XML is the industry standard language for data interchange. MD Link Adapters exchange data automatically as XML and uses XSLT templates for content and structural transformation of any type of documents.
  • Interface Adapters: Interface Adapters provide drag-and-drop access to a variety of data, application and communication protocols. The plug-in Java programs provide a graphical representation of each interface’s unique properties and data structure.

MD Link Plug-ins

For easy access to a variety of data sources and communication protocols, Plug-Ins provide a graphical representation of each interface’s unique properties and data structure. The input or output from any data source can be linked together, offering unlimited possibilities for creating customized integration solutions.

Simply drag these plug-ins into the MD Link Studio and begin creating your customized integration solutions. MD Link is adaptable to allow custom plug-in modules, which can extend the functionality and flexibility of MD Link.

HL7 Protocol

Exchange Data with HealthCare Systems – HL7 Protocol

Monitor Network Connections and Message Queues

XML Documents

  • Parse, Map and Serialize XML Transactions
  • Create XML from any Data Source

DB Management

  • Search and Update SQL-compliant Databases
  • Map database information to other data sources

Text Files

  • Read and Write Unstructured Data Files
  • Visually Define Legacy Record Formats

Custom Script

  • Define Customized Tasks using Python Scripting Language
  • Utilize 3rd party Java Libraries for Extended Functionality

Monitor Files

  • Monitor Folders for New or Changed Files
  • Load Documents into Solution for Processing

Remote File Transfer

  • Send Data Files using File Transfer Protocol
  • Exchange Files between Applications on Remote Systems

Web Services

  • Send and Receive Data using HTTP protocol
  • Integrate Web Applications with your Data

Electronic Mail

  • Send Customized E-Mail using SMTP Protocol
  • Create Dynamic Message Content and Attachments

Mobile Access

  • Exchange Data with Mobile Devices
  • Send Text Messages using SMS Protocol

Messaging Systems

  • Exchange Data with Message-based Applications
  • Send and Receive MQSeries and JMS Messages

Host Application Access

  • Send and Receive Data with Host Systems
  • Interface with Legacy COBOL & RPG Programs
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