Healthcare Integration Software & Services

MDI Solutions offers a complete range of outsourced HL7 data
integration and interfacing services to the healthcare industry

MDI derived its name from Medical Data Integration
and they focus on the interchange of clinical,
financial and administrative information with independent
healthcare computer systems; providing a foundation
of interoperability.

Interoperability Redefined

MD Link is a powerful integration engine that delivers advanced inter-system messaging to healthcare providers and vendors.

All managed from a single screen with drag-and-drop configuration and supported by HL7 Certified resources.

MD Link Features

  • Single Screen Layout
  • Drag & Drop Design
  • Interface ‘test’ harness
  • Copy & Paste new interfaces
  • Tree view interface monitor
Device Frame

Professional Services

The MDI professional services group consistently delivers innovative and cost-effective development, support, training, and monitoring for

  • MD Link,
  • Rhapsody,
  • Cloverleaf,
  • Corepoint,
  • and other HL7 interface engines;

Enabling vital access to healthcare information anytime, anywhere and improving clinical outcomes

Medical Device Connectivity

MDI Solutions partners with Enovacom to deliver Patient Connect – a unique connectivity solution (100% software based) that extracts vital signs and other patient information from biomedical devices and integrates this directly with the patient record.

Why choose Patient Connect?

  • Delivers a complete EHR
  • Integrates with Clinical apps
  • Reduces costs and admin

MDI Solutions installed in the US, Canada, UK and worldwide

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