MDI Logos, Fonts & Brand Guidelines

MDI Solutions Logos

Below are the acceptable treatments for our logo. Please note we only allow the use of the SVG file type. If you cannot upload an SVG please contact us to arrange a work around. SVG is a modern format that helps us maintain our brand and also lowers file size. Do not hot link from this site, please download the logos. Please note these are copyright of MDI Solutions and cannot be reused without prior consent. We will be happy to assist you with any branding requirements you have. Please email for any other issues you have.

MDI Logo Dark
MDI Logo Light
MDI Logo Light
MDI Solutions Logo Dark
MDI Solutions Logo Light
MDI Solutions Logo Light

Download SVG Files

Please click below to open or right click to download these files:

MDI Solutions Colours

Below are the main brand colours we use. MDI’s brand cannot be replicate using any other set of colours. Please do not colourize beyond the scope listed below. You may contact our brand manager for approval and further instructions. The below is a directive not a guideline, please do not attempt to change these colours in any way.

White #fffffff

Black #000000

Light Grey #e5e5e5

Red #bb3721

MDI Solutions Typography

We use the font Mulish supplied via Google fonts:

Please note this font was previously named Muli, Google has changed the name due to some potential issues but the font has also slightly changed. We advise you consult the Google web service for the most up to date copy of the font.