HL7 Training

MDI Solutions provides on-site HL7 training services by our experienced and qualified integration engineers.

MDI Solutions specializes in healthcare systems integration and optimizing healthcare operations through software, consulting and HL7 training courses. Customers may require training and expert knowledge transfer from a qualified and certified instructor on:

  1. HL7 Basics – Trigger Events, Message Types, Segments, Fields, etc.
  2. HL7 at Work – Introduction to interfacing and interface engines
  3. Interface engine migration/upgrade methodology
  4. Functionality reviews of new interface engine software releases
  5. Comprehensive implementation instruction for new integration engine deployments

Training sessions are developed and designed to meet the customer’s specific needs.

This sample 2-day session agenda highlights the specialized topic areas that can be addressed during MDI training sessions:


  1. High level interface engine review.
  2. Introduction of different objects defined and required in the interface engine.
  3. Introduction to different components and modules built in the interface engine.
  4. Review interface engine GUIs and their access methods.


  1. Walk through of a sample Interface Setup, including all necessary interface engine component configurations.
    engine component configurations.
  2. Review interface engine debugging console and techniques.
  3. Familiarize with interface engine command line APIs.
  4. Discuss and review migration techniques and methodology.
  5. Walk a sample interface migration to the new interface release.
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