Solutions for Healthcare Interoperability – Integration Solutions

Healthcare providers, payers and claims processors alike are experiencing tremendous challenges in today’s economy. Organizations are under pressure to deliver better service, comply with stringent government and industry regulations, and keep costs contained.

MDI Solutions has a long history of helping healthcare organizations manage their interoperability problems. For example, MDI worked with the Marshfield Clinic IT staff to design, develop and implement a ‘bridge’ product that allows the Marshfield Clinic CattailsMD EHR system to invoke sessions of Meditech PCI, using a specific patient context. The objective of this project was to provide relatively seamless interface between the CattailsMD user and the Meditech PCI product, imitating the functionality that would be provided in a “single sign-on” or CCOW environment.

The project utilized existing MDI interface technology to establish and automate Meditech PCI sessions. The PCI Bridge software will be installed on each CattailsMD workstation, and required functionality that is specific to the CattailsMD operating environment, the Windows operating environment as implemented on the CattailsMD/Ministry workstation, and the networking interface required for connections from the workstations to the Meditech host computers.

MDI Solutions’ MD Connect product provided additional functionality with Common Registration by allowing for the entry of additional data for rehab services (RCR accounts). The data entered was passed into the appropriate Meditech system in a registration transaction. The existing user interface was modified to include the collection of additional data items. That data was passed to MD Connect via the existing A04 transaction. MD Connect parsed the data from the A04 and entered into the Meditech system in the registration module. CattailsMD was responsible for mapping to codes that were valid in Meditech and MD Connect returned accurate error messages in accordance with specifications.

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Integration scenarios are commonly encountered challenges which are addressed with integration solutions. With many integration customers, MDI Solutions has unparalleled expertise in recognizing and addressing many many integration challenges.

Data Conversion and Data Migration

Our solutions combine easy-to-use designers with out-of-the-box connectivity to lots of different applications and data sources.

Embedded Integration

If you distribute or host your own software, and want the competitive advantage of making migrating data into your app, or syncing with other vendor apps, part of the package, then the MD Link Integration Engine is a data transformation engine used to reliably and quickly power data and application integration.

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