MDI Solutions has extensive HL7 interface engine experience and HL7 integration expertise with industry standard tools and protocols used for data integration within the healthcare industry. The following list identifies some of our qualifications, experience, and core competencies.


Oracle JCAPS, eGate (Java & Monk), Infor Cloverleaf, Sybase e-Biz Impact, Epic Bridges.

Interface Engines: 

Oracle JavaCAPS, SeeBeyond eGate/DataGate, Cloverleaf (formerly Quovadx Cloverleaf) Sybase e-Biz Impact, Cerner Open Engine, Siemens OPENLink and Epic Bridges.

Interface Engine Upgrades / Migrations:

eGate migration to JavaCAPS DataGate migration from Table mode to Monk mode DataGate 3.x to eGate 4.5 migration Cloverleaf QDX Integrator upgrade e-Biz Impact to eGate migration e-Biz Impact to MD Link migration

Operating Systems: 

DG-UX Digital Unix IBM AIX Sun Solaris Linux Windows NT/2000/XP MacOS

Interface Protocols:

Health Level 7 (HL7) Extensible Markup Language (XML) Fixed-Length formats Variable-Length delimited formats

SeeBeyond DataGate / eGate Interface Engine: 

Table mode development Monk mode development Javamode development Communication Client customization and development Monk e*Way customization External Monk script programming DataGate to eGate migration Table mode to Monk mode migration

Cloverleaf HL7 Interface Engine:

Tcl programming PDL programming TPS script programming Alert Configuration Custom message logging scripts Version upgrade

Programming Languages:

Java C/C++ Perl script Shell script Visual Basic Monk script Tcl/tk script

System Interfaces: