MD Link Integration Engine – Release 7.0

MD Link Integration Engine – Release 7.0

Toronto, Ontario – MDI Solutions, a leading healthcare integration software and services company, is pleased to announced the release of their MD Link™ Interface Engine Version 7.0.

The new version of MD Link delivers a number of customer focused innovations and data validation enhancements.  MD Link 7.0 provides a comprehensive set of tools to improve data flow and data management, which include:

Bulk Test:  a bulk version of the Design Studio’s “Test tab” feature – it allows testing a large number of messages at a time, which makes it easy to test an interface code change against several weeks of production messages.

Data Folder Hot Back up: a utility which can do a “hot” back up of the MD Link service’s persistence database, with no downtime of the service required.

“Literal string search” and “HL7 search”: these new search options give more flexibility when searching in the Monitor – the HL7 Search allows users to search on a specific HL7 field.

Performance: many operations in the Service and Monitor are optimized, such as the Monitor’s responsiveness to cancelled searches, the Service’s interface start-up and shutdown, and the processing of large input queues.

MDI Solutions is committed to producing healthcare focused software that provides hospitals, clinics and vendors with improved access and control of their data.  With all data flow configuration, mappings and complex manipulation done from a single screen, MDI continues to deliver a unique combination of ease-of-use and computing power with their interface engine, MD Link.

You can check out MD Link 7.0 in more detail at HIMSS 2020 in Orlando – MDI Solutions Booth 4746!