St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto, Ontario, will be working with MDI Solutions (as part of their ongoing integration services agreement) to connect their Eclipsys Emergency Care application with Meditech’s ADT.

St. Joseph’s are implementing the Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) from Eclipsys and are looking at process improvement opportunities as part of the implementation. The Health Centre has identified a goal of minimizing the time it takes to register a patient in their ADT system, which is the step that immediately follows patient triage on Eclipsys. MDI will use their MD Connect™ scripting software to accomplish this goal by electronically retrieving patient information from Eclipsys, ‘auto’ registering patients in the Meditech ADT, and then update Eclipsys with any ADT generated information. This process improvement will allow the St. Joseph’s clinicians to have greatly improved access to order tests and medications on emergency patients.

St. Joseph’s Heath Centre, (, treats people from across the city, province, and country. St. Joe’s Health Centre’s staff includes over 900 nurses, 400 physicians, and 250 volunteers. Each year they have over 200,000 ambulatory patient visits, 85,000 emergency patient visits, 20,000 inpatient admissions, 3,400 births, and 24,000 surgical cases.