MedManager Interactive Corporation, Kitchener, Ontario, has selected MDI Solutions’ MD Link integration engine to connect hospitals and clinics to their ASP based Chronic Disease Management software.

MedManager approached MDI Solutions with a requirement to provide HL7 based connectivity to multiple contracted specialty clinics. MD Link will be used to provide both real-time and batch-based integration. MDI technical resources will assist MedManager to respond to the current workload of connections required by providing HL7 certified resource to developed the initial interfaces.

MedManager Interactive Corporation,, was launched in 2002 with the visionary goal of offering people living with chronic disease improved access to healthcare education, professionals, and services via the Internet. Over the course of the next four years, the MedManager team worked with healthcare professionals across North America to design, develop, and test their original diabetes management portal. The culmination of these efforts was a successful clinical trial and studies that demonstrated that their solution empowered people with diabetes to enhance their health status and quality of life.