MDI Solutions partners with the University of British Columbia Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (Vitreo-Retinal Division) to streamline access to images and improve patient data flow.

MDI Solutions was approached by the UBC Department of Ophthalmology to help them reduce the number of systems/screens they needed to access when treating patients.  The MDI Solutions PACS integration team utilized open source software to convert all ocular images from the ophthalmology clinic (that were stored in different systems) into a DICOM format.  The different proprietary formats in use were converted to DICOM allowing them to be viewed and accessed independent of the platform, and all images were then stored in a central PACS system.

The overall solution was created to maintain a copy of the clinicians EMR in a synchronized SQL server, which enables interoperability with a variety of EMR vendors. This allows clinicians to continue using their EMR and empowers them with the ability to view patient information in any desired, customized fashion.  With the above noted functionality, a portal was then created where clinical and imaging details were summarized for all patients. Graph functionality and access to all imaging, progression and medical summaries are now accessed in one window (instead of one window for the EMR and additional windows for each imaging modality).

The UBC Department of Ophthalmology medical and surgical retina group focuses on teaching, clinical research and patient care. During the past year, the division was involved in the teaching of medical students, residents and two post graduate vitreoretinal fellows. The group has 15 years of experience running randomized clinical trials and recent trials have been performed on exudative macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal venous occlusive disease, and psychophysical testing in retinal disease. More information can be found at