Diasend, Gothenburg, Sweden has contracted with MDI Solutions’ to use their interface services and MD Link integration engine to integrate Epic and other Hospital Information Systems (HIS) with their Cloud Portal.

Diasend provides one of the most user friendly and compatible systems for diabetes device output viewing, analysis and review.  MDI was approached to provide a cloud-based solution that could facilitate data exchange between their system and EMR’s.  As part of the overall service delivery, MD Link will be configured by MDI to run on Diasend’s Cloud Portal and use its RESTful web-services capability to process ADT and Result data.  The device results will be sent in a number of different ways including: discrete results via HL7, URL link to results and PDF embedded in HL7 message.  MD Link will also be used to create PDF’s from the device output, and then transfer the relevant data to a hospital’s EMR.

Diasend is a global company seeking to simplify life for diabetes patients and facilitate every day work for the care provider. They do this through contributing to enhanced communication between care providers and patients.  Since their first clinic started using diasend® in 2006 they’ve grown into a global company, now available in more than 15 different languages and 27 countries. Almost 3,000 clinics around the world use diasend® and millions of transactions are registered in their database each and every day. www.diasend.com.

A video introducing Diasend can be seen here – Get to know diasend