MDI Solutions Launches MD Link Integration Engine – Version 6.0

MDI Solutions Launches MD Link Integration Engine – Version 6.0

Toronto, Ontario – MDI Solutions, a leading healthcare integration software and services company, is pleased to announced the release of their MD Link™ Interface Engine Version 6.0. The new version of MD Link delivers a number of customer focused innovations and security enhancements.  MD Link 6.0 provides a comprehensive set of tools to improve data flow and data management, which include:

RESTful Web Services – A full suite of components has been introduced to handle web-based integration, including the client and server sides.  This includes new bi-directional “query/response” architecture for creating flexible web server solutions

Statistics Viewer – You can now gauge the activity of your MD Link server more readily thanks to cross-component, cross-solution, as well as hourly/daily/weekly/monthly tallies

Alerts Profiles – Now different users can each configure e-mail alerts, according to their own rules

Audit Logs have been introduced, noting the user name for each command submitted to the MD Link Server

Server Security – all communication between the Server and the Monitor is encrypted with TLS/SSL, and accessed through password-protected user accounts

Jython code in the Datamapper options have been added, alongside the familiar XSLT code options.

MDI Solutions is committed to producing healthcare focused software that provides hospitals, clinics and vendors with improved access and control of their data.  With all data flow configuration, mappings and complex manipulation done from a single screen, MDI continues to deliver a unique combination of ease-o-use and computing power with their interface engine, MD Link.