Cloverleaf™ in the Cloud via Amazon

Cloverleaf™ in the Cloud via Amazon

MDI Solutions has successfully deployed the Infor Cloverleaf integration engine on the Amazon Web Service and are now set to deliver the engine and all related modules as a cloud-based option.

MDI Solutions has expanded its offering of ‘Integrated Cloud Services’ and successfully hosted the cloud-based Cloverleaf Integration Suite on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). This secure hosted offering puts your data in one of the most secure cloud environments available today, while also delivering the highest performance standards. The cloud-based Cloverleaf Integration Suite provides secure integration messaging, monitoring, archiving, resiliency, and cost efficient interoperability via industry standard protocols and web services.

The Cloud-base Cloverleaf Integration Suite includes:

  1. Cloverleaf Data Integrator
  2. Cloverleaf Global Monitor
  3. Cloverleaf High Availability
  4. Cloverleaf IHE Infrastructure Adaptor
  5. Cloverleaf Web Services Adapter
  6. Cloverleaf Message Warehouse
  7. Cloverleaf Secure Courier
  8. Cloverleaf Secure Messenger
  9. Cloverleaf Security Server

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