QNX Software Systems (QNX), Ottawa, Ontario presented their medical device integration platform at Embedded World (www.embedded-world.de/en) in Nuremberg, Germany, where they showcased their Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS) and MDI Solutions’ EHR integration via MD Link.

The QNX RTOS microkernel architecture incorporates core functionality into a tiny, well-tested kernel while leaving drivers, networking stacks, and other OS services outside in memory protected space – providing a high degree of fault-tolerance and security. At the Embedded World show, QNX successfully deployed their RTOS to provide secure, realtime connectivity to Continua Certified medical devices including a Blood Pressure Monitor, Weight Scale and Pulse Oximeter. Once the data was received from the medical devices, MD Link was invoked to provide the HL7 conversion and integration to the EHR. The QNX/MDI platform enables highly reliable, available, connected, and secure integration to your medical devices.

As population’s age and health care costs come under ever more scrutiny, innovations in medical device design can be a defining differentiator in the marketplace. For over 30 years, the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS has been providing a full-featured, multi-core operating system that exceeds the most demanding requirements for reliability, performance, data safety, and security. With QNX’s field-proven portfolio of pre-integrated technologies, solutions, certification services and a broad partner ecosystem, developers can focus on application design and functionality.