MDI Solutions Technical Services team to provide JCAPS Development

MDI Solutions Technical Services team to provide JCAPS Development

CharterCARE Health Partners, Providence, RI has extended its relationship with MDI Solutions and contracted for ten (10) separate interfaces to be developed with a five month go-live timeframe.

MDI will be required to develop ADT and Laboratory and Radiology Results interfaces between Meditech and ten independent vendor systems by performing eGate 5.1.3 SRE software development. CharterCARE Health Interfaces created for eClinical Works Hub:

  • Meditech R1828 (LAB/MIC/BBK/PTH) results To Seebeyond
  • Meditech Lab Results to e-Clinical Works (eCW)
  • Meditech ADT to Current Care
  • Meditech Lab Results to United Healthcare (UHC)
  • Meditech Lab Results to NextGen
  • Meditech Lab Results to SpringCharts
  • Meditech Lab Results to Sage
  • Meditech Lab and Radioloty Results to Polaris and Caretracker (Lighthouse)
  • Meditech Lab and Radiology Results to Athena
  • Meditech Lab and Radiology Results to Centricity
  • Pathology Map NPI
  • Meditech Pathology to NextGen

With a relatively short timeframe to complete the interface development, MDI will assign a senior HL7 Interface Analyst with the following responsibilities:

  • Create , configure and deploy a new eGate JCAPS 5.1.3 domain on Applications Server and IQ bridge for interoperability with existing domain
  • Conduct analysis, design, development and training tasks for the deployment of each interface system by providing End to End High Level Design
  • Perform HL7 mapping and coding in the development and implementation of interface systems with emphasis on minimizing support and maintenance requirements
  • Provide feedback on unit test scripts
  • Perform Unit Testing and User Testing in implementing interfaces in CharterCARE’s interface environment, ensuring integrity of data and minimizing disruption to customers
  • Provide consultative training and technical reviews for maintenance of the interfaces as required by CharterCARE’s IT Services support staff
  • Complete and document PROD implementation

CharterCARE, (, a hospital affiliation between St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island (Fatima Hospital) and Roger Williams Medical Center (RWMC), was formed to preserve and enhance quality health care for the communities it serves. Through this affiliation, CharterCARE provides a much stronger foundation—financially, administratively and operationally—from which they can continue to provide high quality care to the communities they serve. This foundation includes 3,200 employed health professionals and enjoys one fourth of the Providence market share.