Med X Change, Bradenton, FL  is a FDA registered Medical Device Company that produces Medical Video Recorders for the surgical environment.  Med X Change reached out to MDI Solutions with a unique data integration requirement that required interfacing their DRSHD 1080p Operating Room recorder with Cerner Millenium™ (and other HIS) and providing a mechanism to manage the device worklist.

MDI Solutions deployed their MD Link integration engine to accept Orders from the Cerner system installed at Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin and store the patient orders in a SQL database.  The next step in setting up the device integration saw the MDI analyst set up a worklist query tool to retrieve the patient records from the newly created database; for presentation and management using MDI’s Modality Worklist Server.  This 2-stage integration will enable the Hospital staff to efficiently manage the day-to-day patient activity on the Operating Room recording device.  Additionally, MDI can use their integration toolset to link patient images with HL7 reporting.

Med X Change, Inc. ( is a leading medical device manufacturer of High Definition Video Recording & Documentation Systems for surgical environments. The Company is focused on surgical video, documentation, and image management in hospitals and outpatient surgery centers around the world.  Examples of vendors that use Med X Change recorders are: Leica, Zeiss and Con Med.