Nexus Health Resources, Middletown, NY has selected the MD Link Integration Engine software from MDI Solutions to integrate their care transition software.

With a need to securely integrate multiple data formats with healthcare providers, Nexus Health Resources approached MDI Solutions to review their integration engine software, MD Link, and their interface development expertise.  After evaluating several different options to provide healthcare data  integration, Nexus Health Resources choose MDI Solutions for their integration platform.   MDI demonstrated proven success integrating and manipulating PDF and Microsoft Word documents with HL7, and their integration engine, MD Link, will enable them to securely exchange documents via the embedded SFTP plugin and other connectivity options.

Nexus Health Resources ( ensures coordinated, quality healthcare for patients during the important transition period from hospital to home.  They utilize their proprietary care transition software, NexusConnexions®, in working directly with hospitals, medical practices, skilled nursing facilities, and community-based providers to ensure patients have ready access to the services they need to avoid hospital readmissions.  The coordinated post-discharge plans and personal follow-up give patients and their family the resources and support to keep patients healthy while recuperating at home.