Aimsability Limited, Surrey, UK, deploys MDI Solutions’ MD Link™ integration engine to facilitate integration at two of its customer sites.

Aimsability markets e-Learning software, WebAiMS, that combines RIS and PACS data to assist with clinical teaching and decision support activity. Aimsability will use MD Link to facilitate the import of RIS data into their PACS image review module. MD Link will enable the WebAiMS user to link the previously independent data sources and provide a superior teaching and decision making tool to the Radiology market.

Aimsability Limited, (, is a leading advanced Knowledge Management and e-Learning solution vendor for image-based medical data. Their solutions complement medical IT systems, adding a layer of functionality for content-based management and use of medical data and enable the integration of data from multiple sources in one coherent knowledge base. With powerful, easy to use and fully workflow integrated technology, they provide an efficient and cost-effective solution that puts the medical user in charge.