Partnership with Enovacom to deliver Medical Device Integration

Partnership with Enovacom to deliver Medical Device Integration

Enovacom, Marseille, France has partnered with MDI Solutions to deliver a unique connectivity solution (100% software based) that extracts vital signs and other patient information from biomedical devices and integrates this directly with the patient record.

MDI Solutions has worked with numerous medical device vendors to integrate their hardware (and software) with EHR’s in Canada, the US, EU and Australia.  MDI recognized that the Canadian healthcare market would benefit from a solution that could consolidate the data from the multitude of devices that are typically deployed in hospitals.  Enovacom’s Patient Connect software automates the extraction and integration of patient vital signs information into the patient record, removing the risks associated with manual collection and reduces administration time for front-line staff in the process.  Their 100% software-based approach reduces the cost to hospitals (no additional hardware fees) and removes a potential point of failure for a vital component of patient care.  Patient Connect will enable hospital staff to effectively manage the medical devices across their organizations by:

  • Keeping track of location(s) and usage rates of medical devices
  • Allowing nursing staff to reserve medical devices for patients
  • Providing traceability of medical device(s) by patient and full data capture for audit

“We are excited to work with the Enovacom group (with Canadian offices in Toronto and Montreal) to build on MDI’s healthcare integration expertise and deliver a solution to hospitals and clinics that will provide real-time access to patient data, and a more complete patient record”, said Terry Durette, President at MDI Solutions.

Since 2002, Enovacom’s team has focused on healthcare organizations’ needs for interoperability and collaboration solutions. They support all sizes of facilities with cost-effective, scalable and highly reliable solutions that are constantly updated to deliver against healthcare’s evolving needs. They are partner to 1500+ organizations.