Sectra PACS Migration Milestone

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Sectra PACS Migration Milestone

Sectra Ltd., Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, set to expand their Northern Ireland based migration services and software contract with MDI Solution, following the successful migration of the legacy PACS data at the Causeway site to the new Sectra based PACS system.

MDI’s migration team was tasked with migrating and validating upwards of 30+ terabytes of data for the six Trusts who make up the regional diagnostic imaging program, NIPACS, in Northern Ireland. MDI successfully migrated the studies in DICOM format from the legacy Agfa PACS System at Causeway to Sectra’s PACS, in support of NIPACS. The migration work completes the transition and provides the clinician with access to prior studies that have been verified, while making unique provisions for unverified studies – certain images may be still of value despite being considered as ‘unverified’. These studies continue to have clinical value and MDI initiated a process to resolve minor errors in names and birthdates. These unverified studies have been stored on a separate PACS system and can be queried and displayed when required by NIPACS clinicians.

Based on the success of the Causeway migration and the ongoing work to migrate the remaining sites, NIPACS has contracted with Sectra and MDI to migrate a further 10 terabytes of data from an additional 3 sites.

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