Tarrant County Public Health, Forth Worth, TX has selected the MD Link Integration Engine software from MDI Solutions to enable data exchange with their immunization registry software.

MDI Solutions responded to Tarrant County’s RFP for HL7 compliant software. The key component of the bid proposal was a requirement to provide a means of transmitting and receiving public health information (adhering to HIPAA compliant protocols) for the Public Health Immunization Registry (TCIR) system. MDI Solutions won the bid based on the ease-of-use of their MD Link interface engine and experience developing similar interfaces. The other MDI developed interfaces included:

  • *East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System – immunization and laboratory results to Texas Department of State Health (DSHS)

  • *Hilo Medical Center and Hawaii Health – created custom code to exchange data via HHIE Medicity Immunization Reporting Gateway interface

  • *California Immunization Registry – immunization and laboratory results integration

Tarrant County Public Health, (www.tarrantcounty.com/eHealth <http://www.tarrantcounty.com/eHealth/site/default.asp> ),
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