Medical Device Integration

100% software solution that integrates vital signs information from medical devices with the patient record

Enovacom Patient Connect is a unique connectivity solution that extracts vital signs and other patient information from biomedical devices and integrates this directly with the patient record.

This 100% software-based solution delivers integrated vital signs information via a single interface, reducing costs and resources for IT departments, whilst enhancing patient care, reducing risk and saving valuable nursing time.

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3 Good Reasons to Choose Enovacom Patient Connect

1. Delivers a complete patient record

  • Reduce errors associated with manual vital signs recording
  • Optimise patient care via data collection
  • Guarantee patient identification with corresponding vital signs information
  • Complete the patient record with medical device data
  • Real-time access to data

2. Integrates with Clinical Applications

  • Interface with all types of medical devices
  • A single interface ensuring traceability and audit of all events relating to a patient
  • Integrate with all types of clinical applications and patient records
  • A 100% software-based solution supporting all clinical staff

3. Reduces costs and administration

  • Reduce cost of managing IT and medical devices
  • Minimal new hardware investment required
  • Benefits for both clinical and IT teams
  • Manage data from medical devices centrally and get traceability of their use

What Our Clients Say?

“Medical data processing is at the heart of the company’s IT strategy in different forms: The ability to put a patient file together completely electronically from start to finish Ensuring the data is always correct Ensuring that the systems are both internally and externally interoperable so they can communicate with doctors, hospitals and patients. The care continuum concept must be considered above all else in order to make the data accessible.”
Yannick Michel, Organization and IT Systems Director – Nouvelles Cliniques Nantaises

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