Hospital Integration, Granbury, TX has selected the MD Link Interface Engine software from MDI Solutions to integrate their real-time documentation and communication software with EHR’s.

With a need to capture ADT info and securely push data/results (rounding info, vital signs, custom notes and pictures) to EMR’s, Hospital Integration approached MDI Solutions to review their integration engine software, MD Link, and their interface development expertise.  After evaluating several different options to provide the connectivity, Hospital Integration choose MDI Solutions for their integration platform and development services.  MDI’s HL7-certified resources will use MD Link to securely connect Hospital Integration’s Patient Voice™ software with Epic and other EMR’s.  MDI will be tasked with creating a database ‘read’ connection to the Patient Voice database and consolidating a variety of data formats into a single Results message.

Hospital Integration Inc. ( developed Patient Voice to provide tools for both patients and caregivers that strengthens their relationship by increasing communication and reducing workload.  Simultaneously, the data collected can be used to draw conclusions and enact changes to improve the patient experience.  Hundreds of dedicated healthcare professionals have collaborated to help grow Patient Voice into its current form.