Sensus Healthcare, Boca Raton, FL acquired MDI Solutions’ integration engine, MD Link, to enable real-time interoperability between their skin cancer treatment devices and healthcare organizations. They are now set to deploy MD Link in a number of clinics to further enhance the efficiencies their solutions offer to healthcare.

Sensus Healthcare have developed cutting edge technology and techniques to treat nonmelanoma skin cancer. With the anticipated rapid growth in deployments of their technology, they recognized that they would need to communicate with clinics and other healthcare organizations via HL7 and in such a way that maximized the efficiency of their treatment system. MD Link will be used to manage multiple real-time inbound and outbound interfaces, and monitor activity to minimize service interruptions.

Sensus Healthcare is focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of products and services that incorporate proprietary mobile X-ray technology for cost-effective, non-invasive treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers. The signature Sensus Healthcare product, the SRT-100™, meets stringent safety requirements set by the FDA, UL and ISO/CE Mark certification.