MultiMedia Dental Systems (a division of SuccessEHS), Birmingham, AL has now deployed 40+ licenses of MDI Solutions’ MD Link Integration Engine to support its dental software (MediaDent) implementations. MD Link is used by MMDS to provide the necessary interoperability between their Dental Office customers and Healthcare facilities and beyond.

MDI Solutions and MultiMedia Dental Systems initially collaborated on a joint integration project in 2008, which introduced MMDS to MDI and their MD Link software. MMDS quickly recognized the capability of MD Link to accelerate the time to develop interfaces with other vendor software and the extended connectivity that could be provided over traditional integration methods. The flexibility and ease-of-use of MD Link has been fundamental to MMDS’ business expansion as the MediaDent Digital Imaging software is the most widely used digital X-ray software worldwide and is in use in over 25 countries.

SuccessEHS ( is a nationally acclaimed vendor providing a single solution Practice Management and Electronic Health Record with Integrated Medical Billing Services. The incorporation of the MediaDent EDR into the solution set underscores the company’s commitment to the Community Health Center (CHC) market, and marks an important milestone for dental-only customers. The MediaDent software is an open architecture digital X-ray and imaging solution that works with virtually any sensor, PSP, digital pan, scanner or camera and integrates with existing practice management offerings.