MDI Solutions set to deploy DICOM Modality Worklist Server

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MDI Solutions set to deploy DICOM Modality Worklist Server

Sectra Ltd., Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, has contracted with MDI Solutions to provide Modality Worklist Server software that will manage Orders from 4 individual Radiology Systems and update the mobile scanner units for their customer, InHealth.

MDI Solutions will be managing the Order communications from the HSS, Cambio and NBSS RIS’ (located at numerous healthcare facilities) to Sectra’s PACS for the In Health Group. InHealth is a UK based firm that provides Diagnostic Imaging scanning and study reading services to Department of Health. Typically these are mobile PET or Mammography modalities that move about the UK. Often these are deployed to address demand and better manage wait times and order backlog.

MDI was initially engaged by Sectra to provide migration services to move 30 TB of PACS (DICOM) data from Agfa Impax to Sectra. Based on MDI Solutions’ ability to deliver a full service solution for the migration (a DICOM Query/Retrieve migration that included a migration server and staff with considerable knowledge of AGFA Impax service tools, work flow management tools & data structures), MDI was tasked with providing a dynamic Modality Worklist solution for InHealth’s 240 modalities.

MDI has designed an end-to-end solution to manage InHealth’s mobile patient care services. HL7 messages from the 4 RIS’ will be converted to DIOCM and placed in a database using MDI’s integration engine, MD Link. The Modality Worklist Server has been programmed to monitor the database and manage the Orders for the 240 modalities that make up the mobile scanner units. MDI will be providing additional order-management functionality by developing a front end GUI that allows InHealth staff to shift orders from one mobile unit to another in the event of a break down or change of service.

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