CharterCARE Health Partners, Providence, RI, has selected MDI Solutions to provide Interface Support and Development Services for their Sun Java™ Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) integration software.

CharterCARE, approached MDI Solutions in late August, 2010 with an urgent need to provide support and development services on their JCAPS integration engine. CharterCARE’s IT department resources were increasingly burdened with a growing portfolio of existing applications that necessitated an MDI Senior Integration Analyst to provide fast turnaround of 24 x 7 support integration resources.

In addition to MDI providing their 24 x 7 interface JCAPS support, MDI is assisting with development of new interfaces and conducting an essential knowledge transfer to site staff on JCAPS basics. MDI is currently working on Physician Office Integration with CharterCARE and a number of other interface projects.

CharterCARE, (, a newly-formed hospital affiliation between St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island (Fatima Hospital) and Roger Williams Medical Center (RWMC), was formed to preserve and enhance quality health care for the communities it serves. Through this affiliation, CharterCARE provides a much stronger foundation—financially, administratively and operationally—from which they can continue to provide high quality care to the communities they serve. This foundation includes 3,200 employed health professionals and enjoys one fourth of the Providence market share.