HL7 Engine Replacement

Migrating Connections

Saving Time and Money

Does your integration engine upgrade require a significant “re-write” and/or are you looking to simplify HL7 interface deployments?

Do you wish for new Integration Engine technology that is intuitive, powerful and affordable?

Are you experiencing a decrease in the level of support and delivery of your integration products that could jeopardize handling new versions of health care data standards and frameworks?

How about the substandard implementation services and inefficient problem resolutions to your interoperability issues?

System interoperability in a healthcare organization is achieved through enterprise application integration (EAI). Owing to widespread disparities among communications protocols, individualized implementations of industry standards, and the differences among both application architectures and capabilities and the business processes themselves, EAI has been seen as a problematic and challenging undertaking. Today, however, healthcare integrators have developed powerful new technologies and techniques to address the complexities of the EAI process. Continued movement by application vendors towards event-driven integration, along with messaging standards such as Health Level 7 (HL7) and ANSI X12, provides additional support for the successful integration of healthcare systems.

MDI Solutions offers its own HL7 integration engine coined MD Link; that enables medical data integration for connecting clinics, hospitals, regional health organizations and vendors. The MD Link integration engine is easy-to-use and provides the means to connect to virtually ANY data source with its adapters.

MDI Solutions also offers a complete range of outsourced HL7 data integration and interfacing services to the health care industry. Medical Data Integration and systems interfacing provide a strategic foundation of interconnectivity, as healthcare systems strive to make better use of information technology. A strong integration infrastructure, based on qualified, professional resources that develop, manage and continually support it, is an invaluable asset to all health care organizations.

MDI EAI Services

MDI has a broad breadth of traditional EAI consulting services. Many of these can also be delivered leveraging on-site consulting and off-site technical services to lower your costs significantly. Our EAI services include:

  • Assessments and planning
  • Architectural design
  • Integration engine search and selection
  • Implementation and upgrades
  • Staff mentoring
  • Interface design and development
  • Testing
  • Upgrade assistance
  • Conversion


HL7 Interface Engines are the central hub of both clinical and financial system transactions, therefore an up-to-date engine is critical for daily operations. Regular HL7 engine migrations and upgrades ensure stability and accommodate growth in your organization’s interface environment. Rapid expansion and adjustments to engine hardware and operating systems may be required to balance the effects of increased transaction volumes and network loads.

In some cases, migrations and upgrades for the engines are required. Prominent interface engine vendors, SeeBeyond and Lawson (formerly Lawson), have announced the discontinuation of their DataGate product line and support of only recent releases of the QDX Integrator (formerly Cloverleaf) engine, respectively. MDI’s proven methodology on engine version upgrades and cross platform migrations (from one vendor to another) can assist any healthcare organization in this process with their own needs and requirements.

Recent migrations that we have performed include

  • Legacy engine(s) to MD Link
  • Legacy engine(s) to Corepoint
  • Legacy engine(s) to Rhapsody
  • Legacy engine(s) to Cloverleaf
  • eBiz Impact to MD Link
  • eBiz Impact to Cloverleaf
  • eBiz Impact to OpenLink
  • eGate to MD Link

We can also help you in product selection and evaluation as well as performing cross platform engine migrations.

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